The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read by the Secretary, Brian Reynolds. Terry O’Hara Proposed that these should be accepted as a true record and this was Seconded by David Shute.


Secretary’s Report


Thirty eight meetings had been held in the course of the year, chaired by our excellent range of Presidents, numerically lead by Brian Reynolds, followed by David Shute and many others.


As predicted there had been a change over in the role of Treasurer, David Rowse retiring after many years of excellent service to the Club while remaining an active member, and David Shute taking on the position.


Acceptance of the Secretary’s Report was Proposed by David Shute, Seconded by Jane Shute and Carried Unanimously.


Treasurer’s Report


David Shute reported that as at the 31st of May the Club had cash in hand of €119.00. As previously agreed a donation was made to The Children of Emaus prior to Christmas, amounting to €1,011.24.


Subscriptions of €5 per person per year were due from the end of this AGM. The next meeting would be the closing one for the summer break.


Acceptance of the Treasurer’s Report was Proposed by Laurie Maltby and Seconded by Jane Shute and Carried Unanimously.


Election of Officers


The Secretary, Brian Reynolds, was prepared to stand again. Proposed by Eric Parker, Seconded by Terry O’Hara and Carried Unanimously. David Shute then proposed a Huge Vote of Thanks to Brian for his outstanding work on behalf of the Club.


Treasurer David Shute. Proposed by Ian Hamilton, Seconded by Stephanie Hamilton and Carried Unanimously.


Any Other Business


The Secretary, supported by Dorothy Phillips, pointed out that we were spending a great deal on the wine for our weekly raffle. After discussion it was suggested that if we were SIX up to Eleven people One bottle would suffice, from TWELVE  to seventeen Two bottles, and with EIGHTEEN and up Three bottles. Proposed by David Shute, Seconded by Stephanie Hamilton and Carried Unanimously.

We should continue our Charity support for Emaus. Proposed by Terry O’Hara, Seconded by Dorothy Phillips and Carried Unanimously.


David Shute wished to express appreciation of the enormous amount of work done for the benefit of the Club by Valerie and David Rowse including especially their irreplaceable contribution to our Annual Christmas Party.


There being no further business, the Secretary declared the 2016 Annual General Meeting closed.