OBJECTS: (a) Fellowship amongst present or past Rotarians, Members of Inner Wheel, Probus, Round Table, ladies Circle, Lions International, 41 Club, Quadrant, our own members and their guests.


    (b) Assistance to charities and worthy causes as may be decided by the Club Council.




(a) Rotarian Members      present or past members of Rotary International or inner Wheel.


(b) Associate Members     present or past members of Probus, Round Table, ladies Circle, Lions International, 41 Club or Quadrant/ Tangent.


(c) Social Members          those who support our meetings and wish to be associated with the objects of the Club.


MANAGEMENT:                  The management of the Club shall be vested in the Officers and the Rotarian members, to be known as the Club Council.


OFFICERS:                          The officers of the Club to be:

                                                 (a) President   Who must be a present or past member of Rotary International.

                                                 (b) Secretary

                                                 (c) Treasurer


ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All Officers to be elected by the Club Council.


TERM OF OFFICE:          The President to serve for one month, or such other period as shall be decided, but not longer than one year. The Secretary and Treasurer to serve for one year, after which they must resign, but may offer themselves for re‑election.


ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING: To be held in April or May of each year to:


                 (a) Receive reports from the Officers

                 (b) Consider the accounts for the previous year.

                 (c) Elect the Officers and

                 (d) Deal with any other business and matters concerning the well‑being of the Club and members.


OTHER MEETINGS:       Ordinary meetings to be held weekly for luncheon, or at any other times as decided by the Club Council.  The Club Council may arrange Extraordinary General Meetings or Business Meetings as they deem necessary.


VOTING:                            Except as regards the election of Officers each member shall be entitled to one vote at the Annual General   Meetings and Business Meetings.    In the event of a tie, the President shall have a second, or casting, vote.



 SUBSCRIPTIONS:         All members are required to pay an annual subscription of 500 pesetas or such sum as shall be decided by the Club Council. To qualify for a vote at the Annual General meeting, or other Business Meetings held thereafter during the year members must             have paid their annual subscription



SOCIAL EVENTS:           Social events and other activities may be arranged by the Club Council, who will consider the wishes of ail members and may form a Social Committee for this purpose.


GUESTS:                           Members may invite guests to meetings upon payment of the dining fee and so far as catering facilities allow. The Council may, at their discretion, decide not to allow guests at an Annual General Meeting, an Extraordinary General Meeting, Business Meeting or Ordinary Meeting. Guests are not permitted to vote at meetings, or to comment, unless invited to do so. Members of Rotary International from anywhere in the world, also their ladies, are welcome at any time.


ACCOUNTS:                     Records of income and expenditure are to be maintained by the Treasurer, to be made up to the last meeting before the Annual General Meeting in each year.


AUDITOR:                         The Club Council may invite an Auditor, who may or may not be a member of the Club to audit the accounts at any time.


DISSOLUTION:                In the event of the winding up of the Club, after meeting any debts and obligations, the residue of funds and assets will be devoted to such charities as may be decided by the remaining members.




The original constitution here may have been amended by subsequent general meetings