Tuesdays we meet both in person and virtually at 13:00 for 13:30 and then virtually for those not in Spain at 1600 (1500 UK time). We come together for some lively chat and news – – Guests Welcome

At present we have no physical meeting due to Covid restrictions

There is now a password for the virtual meeting and it was sent to all by email and is available in the workplace. If you do not have it let me know – contact numbers below

Remember you can do this from anywhere in the world. It’s a richer experience if your device has a camera but its not essential, any time from about 13:00 (a bit earlier if you want to try it out) Contact Brian if you need more info

So now we cannot eat Suzies food, see each other, drink our favourite tipple together and share a few laughs but we can do it all virtually without the food. So even if you are in another country, join us next Tuesday you just need a computer and the internet. You may have a Laptop, a Notebook, a tablet or a desktop or even a smart phone, most of those devices have web cams and microphones as well as speaker but even without the cam its still a very rich experience

Kindest regards to all


PS hope to see you pop in Tuesday

You can ring me on +34 644288669 or  +34 96 583 1745 or +44 7778 152323 +44 0560 1567760

The eyes of Rotary are upon us because they have this situation across the world If we can start bringing people together We can help ourselves and a lot more besides

If you’d like to make a child smile why not visit today :-

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