Yes a group together in a far away land who come together in Friendship to share a little of what we know and have learned to use it to help others with similar interests or experiences

Fellowships are formed to help shared interest groups come together from the entire Rotary movement. Rotarian fellowships may share an enthusiasm such as caravanning or aviation but ours is about a location and country where we live, visit in or take a holiday. We like to be of service to those less fortunate as we have offered our service in our Rotary clubs

Some of us are lucky to have friends with similar values in many parts of the world because of Fellowships and ‘e’ Rotary clubs that take members not restricted by geography and nowadays even enabled by technology

It is a wonderful feature of Rotary that you have many thousands of clubs and interest groups that will welcome other Rotarians as they move about the world whether on business or for pleasure .

Our Rotary group has been visited by many hundreds of such Rotarians who stopped and shared a meeting and maybe a glass of wine or two before moving on. In fact the majority of our members are not permanent residents. For this reason we stay in touch using the technology of an Intranet private to our club

So our members either live in this wonderful climate or maybe have a second home here or perhaps have regular holidays here. We share a love of this place and Rotary. It is wonderful to meet others who feel the same whilst aspiring to help those less fortunate than ourselves